"One of the responses I received for my script Cabin 6 has led to my script being optioned.
Thanks for the wonderful service!" Mark E. McCann

"I am pleased to say that after using your service, a well established producer requested my script and has decided to back it.
This was well worth the fee." Thanks very much, David

"Congratulations to Abe Reinhartz who has had his script "While God Was Sleeping" optioned after using our services recently."

"I used your service for my script 'Rescuing Madison' and a production company really liked the idea - so much so that they've optioned it! Thanks." Terence Brody

"Just wanted to tell you how my script campaign went. I am working with a literary agent from the Scriptblaster campaign and we're in process of signing a contract then marketing it to movie studios. I am happy with my results and would recommend it to anybody that wants to get their script out in the entertainment industry. This was definitely the right step in the right direction for me.
Thank you." Rory Barnett

"Just wanted to let you know that we sold our family film script using your services. It feels great to finally be able to say we're "sold" screenwriters, and Scriptblaster helped us make that happen. Thanks for your service!" Rob & Rita Sandoval

"I used your service a while ago and it helped me option my script "The Flesh Trade" to a reputable production company. I just wanted to let you know that the script is in pre-production." Michael O'Hare

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