"The same day you sent my letter out I received over 20 responses. The responses came from big and small film companies and agencies interested in my film project. Thank you very much Scriptblaster. It is rewarding to find a company who can really help out the underdog in this crazy business." Mark Anthony, CEO & President of M.O.M. Films

"Boy was I glad I decided to use Scriptblaster. Within a week, I received over twenty requests for the script! And two weeks later, I was negotiating my first option. The thing is, I would never queried this particular producer on my own. So I owe the fact that I optioned the script to none other than Scriptblaster service, and my talent of course. :-)" - John Bradford Goodman www.johnbradfordgoodman.com

"Good news to report -- as a result of your Scriptblaster mailing of my query, a credited Hollywood production company has optioned my script!" Susan Howe

" Wow! The response to my query has been phenomenal!! I've only just checked my inbox and have had well in excess of 20 replies from agents and producers alike. Thanks for your service, I'll be recommending you to any person looking for an easier way to gain representation. Thanks again." Paul Williams

"In three days I have received 20 "request to read". Thank you. I appreciate all you do for the "not-yet" known writers." Ingrid E Pfeiffer

"I thought it was time I let you know how really wonderful your service is. I really don't need to use it as I have a high profile manager and am represented by one of the Top Three Hollywood Agencies. But I do use Scriptblaster both as a producer and a writer because it gets my message out to the industry faster and CHEAPER than any other method. Because of Scriptblaster I have increased my industry relationships (you can never know enough people in this fast-changing business) that have led to opportunities as a producer and a writer." Lance Dow - Producer, Screenwriter, Graphic Novelist

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