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"Thankfully I found your site. The thought of faxing query letters, endless phone calls and legwork was not an appealing prospect. Scriptblaster does all the work for you. You've made me a believer! " Rob Kerr

"I have had 12 script requests in only one day. I am incredibly impressed by your product. I have paid so much more for pitch festivals and other sorts of networking things and never had such a response. Keep up the good work!!" Melissa Howell

"Update on my producers response. To my amazement, it's doubled. I last reported six...well, now it's twelve. They were still coming in two weeks after you sent out the pitch. Great going!" Hans Kracauer

"I received 9 requests from different producers and agents. I highly recommend Scriptblaster for all aspiring screenwriters. Thanks for your help and service." Jessica Parenti

"Why didn't I think of writing it like that? It's beautiful what you've done. Thank you not only for your hard work but the service you provide." Matthew Hershberger about the Query Editing

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