"The response to my query has been really terrific. When you consider I used to do this via snail-mail with a lower percentage of responses, it's been great. Thanks for your services and support." Tom Zanca

"I'm more than pleased. Keep us the good work because Scriptblaster is one of those companies that can honestly say they deliver the goods!" George Perez

"Within a day I had 12 replies, and one week on, I'm heading towards the 30 mark. So glad I came across your site - I'm actually getting somewhere now. Thanks!" Lisa Turner

"I am stunned by the immediacy of the replies - 10 want the script and it's only the first day!. You've got a believer in me. My God, you people are good! " Richard Stephenson

"Wow! I'm pretty impressed. I can't believe that it took me this long to find you guys. Thanks." James Visconti

"Thanks for all your hard work. My query letter was sent out just today, and in less than a few hours I received requests for my script. Amazing, I never thought I'd get this far. What a great way to get noticed. I'll be sure to tell everyone about Scriptblaster because it works! I look forward to using your service again. You are the best!" Terri Bryant

"I was happily surprised when email responses began filling up my mailbox. I got a good number of positive responses, 15 requests for my script and about five for a synopsis. Scriptblaster did all the hard work for me, and now my screenplay is where it needs to be - in the hands of producers rather than sitting on my hard drive. When I'm shopping my next script I'll definitely use Scriptblaster" Jennie Book

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